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A Thank-you Letter from Chinese Patient with Liver Cancer

E-Da Hospital   Last Update:2018-01-08

A 65 year-old Chinese was diagnosed with liver cancer in mid-2014, and received the surgical treatment in the Mainland. Upon discharge from the hospital, the attending physician told Patient and his family members that Patient’s tumor recurrence rate was as high as 90% after liver resection, and the only way to treat the recurrent tumor was via surgical removal procedure.

Within few months, Patient did have the tumor recurrence. His attending physician at the time was E-Da Hospital’s Vice Superintendent, Dr. Chen, Yaw-Sen, along with the multidisciplinary team of liver cancer treated him with Embolization Therapy.

After a series of therapy sessions, Patient’s alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) dropped from 5000 ng/ ml to 100 ng/ ml. “ It was definitely a miracle” said by Patient’s son. He went on and said “Thank you Dr. Chen and the whole medical team to take such good care of my father, and also thanks to Ms. Elena Wu from the International Medical Services for the assistance with the visa application, so my father can come to Taiwan for medical treatments. Not to mention all the greetings and caring during my father’s hospital stay and all his follow-up appointments! Thank you all so much! “


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