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Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis- A tool for families affected by genetic disorders

Dr. Wang Fertility Team   Last Update:2021-03-29

 International Medical W Story

We were thrilled by the successful stories during covid-19!

Mia and her lovely other half, Joe both carries the gene for α-thalassemia. At this time, PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis) seems their option that was sensible to have a healthy baby. For patients who decide to go with PGD program, good quality blastocysts for biopsy and viable embryo for future transfer are key factor to achieve pregnancy. With Mia’s low AMH level and being aged 38 combined with Joe’s male factor, the challenge continues.


Seek out for Second Opinion

Mia and her husband Joe are Taiwanese American. The timing of their First Visit in our center is rather unique. They just finished their egg retrieval at other fertility center and were eager to seek out for Dr. Wang’s second opinion.


PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis)- A tool for families affected by genetic disorders

With the “probe” been set up when they were in United States. Now, lots of prayer for a good stimulated cycle and good quality blastocyst to be biopsied and viable embryo for transfer.


Counseling appointment before Egg Retrieval

Despite the unsuccessful experience last cycle Mia quickly began her next stimulated cycle in our fertility center. With Mia’s low AMH level and Joe’s male factor, an experienced reproductive endocrinologist and exceptional embryology lab equipped with advanced technology and incubator system may be what they need most. And most important, they are with a highly professional fertility team pursue persistent quality improvement. During this counseling appointment, Dr. wang understood their concerns and make sure they understand every step of his protocol and the treatment plan individualized for them to allowed them to make informed decisions.


An Amazing Result 

Everything seems easy this time, but we know it is not easy.

The egg retrieval went pretty well, 18 eggs were retrieved, six embryos made it to Day 5, been biopsied then sent it to genetic testing. When the PGD tests results came back two weeks later with 2 viable embryos that did not carry the gene and were suitable for embryo transfer. We were thrilled! These two tiny embryos provide them with the chance to build a family free of the disease. This tells us maybe luck is also part of strength. They decided to transfer one viable embryo in December 2020 and were finally relieved when Mia was pregnant with their first tiny precious gift. They froze the other viable embryo, a real chance of having their healthy baby #2.Everything seems easy this time, but we know it is not easy at all.


Congratulations, mom-to-be and dad-to-be

We knew that Mia and Joe just embarked on one of the world’s most wonderful journey. The fertility journey is not always easy to travel, but with the help of Dr. Wang’s fertility team, they just made it! We cannot wait to see this tiny little bundle of joy in this summer! May health and happiness bundle them up through the remainder of pregnancy as well!



Note: PGD involves embryos being tested before implantation and is suitable for patients at risk of having children affected by an inherited disease.

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🍼 There are at least tens of thousands Baby Woei. And Counting!

  Definition of Baby Woei : Baby who is born possible through IVF or IUI treatment by Dr. Chia Woei Wang


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