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Trying for a Second Baby?

Dr. Wang Reproductive Fertility Center   Last Update:2021-04-26


International Medical W Story:
Have you heard the term ‘secondary infertility’? Many women have no issue at all when conceiving with their first child. However, some of them may experience difficulties when it comes to get pregnant with their baby number two.Secondary infertility is not uncommon and emotionally painful than many may think. Having a child already does not make their fertility journey any easier.
Leiko (age:38) and her significant other half Jun is from Japan. Last year, Jun’s company had him expat to Taiwan hence they soon start their expat life in Taiwan with their two-year-old toddler.
Like many other parents, they prefer to have babies close in age. After everything was settled in Taipei, she felt that she is emotionally prepared to try for another child, but nothing happened after six months of trying. Leiko has a strong feeling that her family isn’t complete yet. They did some research and found out that W clinic came highly recommended in the Japanese expat community in Taiwan and decided to give it a try.
Treatment Begins!
On her day of initial consultation, she underwent a full evaluation once again including a pelvic ultrasound and basic hormone level checked. She told Dr. Hsieh she still desired a relatively low intervention treatment option given that she was pregnant with her first child naturally and hope Dr. Hsieh could help them to target their most fertile window. They soon start with two clomid cycle and one low dose of gonadotropins cycle but still no luck.
Move Forward with IUI- boost some fertility odds
Given Leiko’s age and their desire to move quickly given her husband will stay longer in Taiwan without frequent travel between Taipei and Tokyo, Dr. Hsieh recommended they go straight with IUI and they agreed.With low dose of gonadotropins Leiko was closely monitored every step of her stimulation phase by Dr. Hsieh.
W Lab: Efficient and Detailed Sperm Preparation Technique
  On her IUI day, she handled her husband’s semen sample as scheduled and waited for an hour for the lab to process the semen sample. At the same time, Lab technician processed the semen sample based on standard operating procedures and made an ideal proportion of gradient media based on the semen analysis results. Soon after that, the technician utilized the density gradient centrifugation to get rid of impurities, seminal plasma, white blood cells and immobile sperms. With W lab’s efficient and thorough sperm preparation technique, it successfully increased the overall motility of semen sample and leaving only what’s needed for the following IUI procedure.
           The IUI procedure itself is simple and virtually painless, similar to women’s yearly exam that takes just a few minutes to complete.Dr. Hsieh told her that she may resume to normal activities and do not forget her daily vaginal suppository before going to bed in the following 14 days.
The Nerve-wracking two-weeks-wait
            For women struggle to conceive, this two-week-wait period may seem like a lifetime. Within these 14 days, Leiko did not experience any symptoms at all which made her mood swung a little bit. She thought she might get her period few days later. Another 3 days had passed; she still not got her menstrual cycle back. She got up all her courage to take a home pregnancy test. Few minutes later, two pink bright lines!
A Tiny Little Heart was Beating!
     For patients who received fertility treatment, sometimes they will not fully allow themselves to believe a pregnancy is happening until they see a growing fetus with a beautiful heartbeat. 
After confirming a positive pregnancy test, she had her first ultrasound at 6 weeks, when the ultrasound screen just popped up, a tiny little heart was beating strongly! We were thrilled to listen to it!
Officially Graduated from WFC
Leiko and her husband were very delighted while a little sad to say goodbye to Dr. Hsieh and the fertility team on her graduation day. She brought a big bag of toffee candy as lucky goodies to share with the patients who still struggle on their fertility journey. She told us that Dr. Hsieh and his fertility team has been super supportive along her fertility journey and took their concerns very seriously. She knew that there is still a long way to go. And after long consideration, she decided to deliver their baby #2 in Taiwan and hope to bring this bundle of joy to W clinic in person in this summer!
A word from Int’l medical team
Secondary infertility doesn’t just impact couples who struggle to have their baby number two; it also challenges couples who had children earlier in their reproductive age but now prefer to have children in their second or third relationships. It is a good reminder that even in the youngest couples, there is approximately 20 percent to conceived with IUI in each cycle.Speak to your fertility specialist to understand your treatment options to help you make informed decisions.
# Together we beat secondary infertility
# Baby number two is on the way.
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🍼 There are at least tens of thousands Baby Woei. And Counting!
   Definition of Baby Woei : Baby who is born possible through IVF or IUI treatment by Dr. Chia Woei Wang




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