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E-Da Hospital and the International Health Literacy Association Co-organized Online Seminar

  Last Update:2020-07-23

 In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Kaohsiung E-Da Hospital and Yi-Shou University were originally scheduled to jointly organize the Global Health Literacy Summit in October and postponed it to 2021. E-Da Hospital combined with the International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) to specially plan "IHLA Online Seminar" Meeting-health awareness can respond to COVID-19", IHLA chairman Kristine Sorensen (Kristine Sorensen),


Supervisory Committee  Wu-Xiu Zhang chaired the meeting. During the meeting, Professor Xian-He Lin, Director of the Master's Degree Program in Global Health of National Taiwan University, was arranged to give a lecture on "COVID-19 in Taiwan: Epidemiology and National Experience", Chief Executive Officer, National Taiwan University Hospital's New Southbound Health Service Center Ren-Kui Peng shared "Taiwan's response to COVID-19: a new southward perspective", Dao-Qian Tang, director of the International Medical Department of E-Da Hospital, talked about "COVID-19 hospital strategies and health awareness practices" and other issues, Xian-He Lin shared Taiwan from an epidemiological perspective For the epidemic prevention strategy, Ren-Kui Peng explained that the new southward policy combines the concepts of new residents' health awareness. Dao-Qian Tang shared the hospital's epidemic prevention actions and health awareness promotion actions. More than 100 doctors, public health and health awareness experts and scholars from 46 countries around the world participated in the whole process.



Photo/ Provided by E-Da Hospital, Article/ Pei-De Gao

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