Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery

Hospitalization: No

Appointment: Yes

Price: Price must be evaluated by physicians Foreign Exchange Rate(The information is indicative only)

Payments: Cach, Credit Card

Treatment introduction
Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery 一、Holistic Approach to Aesthetic Medicine The Department of Cosmetic Surgery is fully integrated with the Dermatology Department, Beauty Center and International Medical Center. In addition to providing the most complete services, we also place special emphasis on protection of customer privacy. The Department of Cosmetic Surgery has multiple roles. In addition to fulfilling medical needs, the department must also consider the desire to pursue youth among customers. The Aesthetic Medicine Center is attached to the medical center, and its biggest advantage is that multiple departments, divisions and experts along with the perfect intraoperative and postoperative monitoring equipment are available to provide customers with the most secure beauty care. At the same time, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are also included to complement each other and provide the most suitable advice on cosmetic surgery and a full range of new options for individuals. 二、Excellence in Treatment In the Department of Cosmetic Surgery, we provide medical services as follows: 1.General Cosmetic surgery Soft tissue injury Chronic wound treatment, complex wounds, scars, bedsores, wound healing research and treatment Skin grafting, skin grafting, flap transfer microsurgery 2.Burns General burns, electrical injuries, chemical burns and frostbite Scar treatment, microscopic flap reconstruction 3.Skull and face surgery conventional / endoscopic surgery on craniofacial rupture, facial fractures and orbital fractures Congenital skull defects, abnormal head shape, premature fusion of cranial sutures, prominent forehead, overly wide distance between the eyes, enophthalmus, prominent cheekbones, cranial facial collapse, cranial distortions, microtia, Hemifacial Microsomia, Skull Asymmetry, square face (masseter muscle hypertrophy), mandibular retraction, prominent mandibular angle, protruding jaw, chin retraction, chin distortion projecting teeth, anomalies of dental occlusion Cleft lips and congenital anomalies, cleft lip and palate cervical dystonia 4.Hand and foot surgery treatment and reconstruction upper and lower limb injuries, as well as wrist injuries Finger / limb replantation Bone fractures and soft tissue injuries Innate hand deformities ( Polydactyly and syndactyly) reconstruction, toe transplantation and finger reconstruction Diabetic Foot Treatment and Reconstruction 5.Cancer reconstruction surgery and Postoperative reconstruction Torso, chest, abdomen and body tissue reconstruction Head and neck cancer reconstruction, breast reconstruction, postoperative reconstruction of skin and soft tissue tumors Esophageal reconstruction Sound reconstruction Breast and chest wall defect reconstruction (such as funnel chest or pigeon breast) Reconstruction of the Genitourinary system Lymphedema: Depending on the severity of the medical conditions, various surgical modalities may be used to improve lymphedema in the upper extremity or the lower extremity. 6.Cosmetic surgery Ptosis, drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes Rhinoplasty, lips shaping, genioplasty facelift (face, forehead, neck, outer corner of the eye, abdomen), navel shaping Breast Cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation, breast reduction) or breast reconstruction, nipple surgery Body shaping, autologous fat transplantation, liposuction Hemangiomas, varicose veins Removal of tattoos, moles, birthmarks, liver spots, aneurysms, lipomas Acid peels, all kinds of laser treatment for skin care, dermabrasion armpit odor Hair Transplantation 7.Others Facial and peripheral nerve injuries, brachial plexus injuries, brachial plexus injuries in infants, any major peripheral nerve paralysis non-cancerous (benign) skin and soft tissue tumors Peripheral nerve tumors, head and neck cancer lung abscess 三、Burn treatment center In recent year, emergency incidents have been ranked third among the country's top ten causes