The Surgical Technique for Complex Scoliosis with the Big Cobb Angle

Hospitalization: No

Appointment: Yes

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Payments: Cach, Credit Card

Treatment introduction
"The team of orthopaedics applied the “Staged Posterior Correction” surgical technique to treat Complex Scoliosis with the big Cobb Angle of more than 100 degrees. The two-stage posterior-only approach not only improves the scoliosis but also is safer. With no drawbacks of the traditional approach which requires opening chest and halo traction, the “Staged Posterior Correction” applying gradual correction has less impact on spinal nerves, improves the effects of correction and is safer during surgery."
Post-surgical Care
Provide patient discharge health education and home care skill
Hospital day depending on the patient's condition 高難度大角度複雜性脊椎側彎脊椎矯正手術