Artificial ascites combined with high frequency ablation for liver cancer.

Hospitalization: No

Appointment: Yes

Price: Price must be evaluated by physicians. Foreign Exchange Rate(The information is indicative only)

Payments: Cach, Credit Card

Treatment introduction
Artificial ascites combined with high frequency ablation can effectively treat the liver cancer which is difficult or increasingly risky to ablate. Artificial ascites also serves as a protection which separated tumor and adjacent organs, reduce the risk of thermal injury to adjacent organs. At the same time, through the water medium the ultrasound displays tumor location more clearly such as tumor in dome area and guides the probe into the tumor. This technique is useful for patients of liver tumors less than 5 cm and 3 tumors or less. The wound is very small and the rate of complication was less than 1%. Patient can move around 4 hours after treatment and may be discharged from hospital after 3 days observation.
Post-surgical Care
Provide patient discharge health education and home care skills
Hospital day depending on the patient's condition 人工腹水合併高周頻燒灼肝癌治療