Da Vinci Robotic Thyroid Surgery

Hospitalization: Yes Length of Stays: 0 ~ 0days

Appointment: Yes

Price: Price must be evaluated by physicians. Foreign Exchange Rate(The information is indicative only)

Payments: Cach, Credit Card

Treatment introduction
The traditional thyroid surgery method is to remove the thyroid gland from the front of the neck, so it will leave a scar on the neck, often causing many women to worry about aesthetic problems and refuse surgery; Da Vinci robot arm can flex 360 degrees and have 3D microscopic images . The mechanical arm can be easily operated in a small space after entering from a small incision. When the operation is performed with the recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring, it is less likely to injure other blood vessels and tissues during surgery, not only the wound is small and the amount of bleeding is small, but also the postoperative neurological hoarseness problem is reduced.