Proton Therapy Center

Hospitalization: No

Appointment: Yes

Price: Price must be evaluated by physicians. Foreign Exchange Rate(The information is indicative only)

Payments: Cach, Credit Card

Treatment introduction
The services provided include cancer treatment consultation, treatment planning, and radiation therapy. The planning and performing of proton radiotherapy is available. Proton Therapy Center offers the most advanced customized radiotherapeutic technologies such as pencil beam scanning intensity-modulated proton radiotherapy, respiratory gating radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, and stereotactic radiosurgery. Proton Therapy Center has introduced the world’s cutting-edge medical cyclotron to give the patients the most accurate treatment with fewer side effects. And the radiation beam focused on the target not only enables shorter treatment period and better therapeutic effect but also causes less harm to the tissues, allowing the patients to go shopping, to go to work, to attend school, and to maintain the quality of everyday life after the treatment. - Six-axle 360 ° Treatment Arm - Advanced IGRT Imaging - Faster Beam Switch - IMPT: overcomes the uncertainty of pencil beam scan - Three Proton Therapy Rooms - Online PET: acquire the most precise proton delivery result through immediate-feedback PET images
Kaohsiung Chang Gung Hospital Radiation Oncology is the predecessor of Proton Therapy Center, and the unit has treated more than 60 thousand patients ever since the opening. The treatment success rate varies in accordance with the diversity of diseases the patients have caught in. The best one is the control rate of brain tumor, which may reach up to 95%.