Center for Parkinson's Disease

Hospitalization: Yes Length of Stays: 0 ~ 0days

Appointment: Yes

Price: Price must be evaluated by physicians. Foreign Exchange Rate(The information is indicative only)

Payments: Cach, Credit Card

Treatment introduction
A. Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: (a) clinically diagnosed with and confirmed to be the typical Parkinson's disease (b) patient without insignificant dementia (MMSE ≧ 24) (c) the result of patient’s therapeutic response to dopamine (based on Drug challenge test) shows UPDRS part III score, the improvement rate is above 30% (d) patient whose course of disease is more than five years (e) patient without severe internal medical disease or tumor. B. Patients with movement disorders: (a) Severe dystonia, wryneck, essential tremor, secondary tremor, and other movement disorders or abnormalities that cannot be controlled by medicine intake (b) The possibility of severe internal medical disease or tumor is excluded Deep Brain Stimulation is a safe and effective therapeutic approach because it: A. reduces the dosage of drugs (↓25%~75%) B. improves patients’ activities of daily living, decreases the number of return visit (↓25%) C. enhances patients’ ability of self-care, cuts down nursing- home or day-care expenses (↓60%) D. improves patients’ physical mobility, reduces the demands for physiotherapy, steps down the frequency of fall, pneumonia, and hospitalization (↓63%)
Up to September 2018, our hospital has conducted more than 50 cases of deep brain stimulator implantation. Patients have made significant progress in either symptom alleviation or medication reduction. Moreover, they retrieve the ability of self-care and consequently lighten caregiver's burden. The beneficial results of the treatment are as follows: A. About 97% of the patients can be improved and 17% among gain mild improvement (degree). B. 90% of the patients are able to reduce the dose of medicine. C. The improvement degree of the symptoms are as below: bradykinesia -85%, rigidity -75%, tremor -57%.