Sleeve Gastrectomy

Hospitalization: Yes Length of Stays: 2 ~ 3days

Appointment: Yes

Price: Price must be evaluated by physicians Foreign Exchange Rate(The information is indicative only)

Payments: Cach, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

Treatment introduction
Sleeve gastrectomy (stomach reduction surgery) refers to the removal of approximately 75%-80% of the stomach, which leaves only a narrow stomach "tube" (hence the term "sleeve"). This utilizes a decrease in the stomach's capacity for the intake of food and a reduction in the production of the hunger hormone (Ghrelin) to achieve weight loss results. This surgery is completed using laparoscopic methods which will require 5 to 6 small incisions. The surgeon will use an advanced video camera (laparoscope) and many other specialized surgery tools to perform this procedure. Normally, patients can return home after 2-3 days of hospitalization.
Post-surgical Care
Minimally invasive surgical techniques are applied. Surgical wounds will shrink significantly. Feelings of pain will be decreased gradually as well. Waterproof dressings are used, allowing the patient to shower without changing dressings.