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Appointment: Yes

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Medical Imaging is a science that progress rapidly in the field of recent diagnostic medicine. In the field of nuclear medicine, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a brand-new imaging technology. With intravenous injection of positron-emitted radiotracer produced from Cyclotron, the distribution of radioactive tracer inside the body can be showed by PET/CT. The tracers used in PET/CT belong to internal metabolites or nuclide markers of their derivatives, and their distribution inside the body can provide the information about in vivo physiological and biochemical activities. Due to the changes of physiology and biochemistry is prior to the changes of anatomy in the early phase of most human disease, so PET/CT can precisely provide information on this aspect. Examinees will not be harmed in this process, so the capability of “the earlier diagnosis, the earlier treatment” can be achieved. PET/CT introduced by our hospital can not only diagnose early the functional foci, but also combine the excellent focus position capability of CT. The functional image and correct position of foci can be clearly provided for physicians to conduct subsequently medical treatment.