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Pingtung Christian Hospital (PTCH) is established by the missionaries from America, Norway, and Finland. They dedicated their love through Christ to serve Taiwan for decades and also established a great tradition “wherever a need, there will be met.”

PTCH has changed from a small clinic to a regional teaching hospital with more than 600 beds. Through these years, PTCH guards people’s health in southern Taiwan. We've helped not only  the development of surgical department and bones department since early 50s but also strengthened epidemiology development, physical therapy practice and nursing education. 

Moreover, PTCH is one of the great-8 spinal surgical centers in the world around early ‘80s. It has made magnificent contributions in the history of medicine in Taiwan. Our mission is to restore human’s health and dignity through the love and power of God and medical services. We keep building bridges between local and international development partners, creating interfaces between health and technology, advocating and serving where the greatest needs are. 

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Pingtung Christian Hospital