Program Name

Surgical program of spine

Hospital Name Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

We do more than 600 spine surgeries per year at our department. A never ending flow of patients is resulted from our skillful techniques.


The successful rate of our spine surgery is more than 95%. The morbidity and mortality rates are less than 1%.

Our spine team also has published lots of papers on famous journals in the world.

Many surgeons from all around the world visited our department to observe our spine surgeries.


Course: 3~12 months, 2 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 3000/day
Course: NTD 10000/week
Course: NTD 30000/month


Additional fee, 3700/month

Applicant Qualification

Has more than 2 years of experience performing spine surgery

Program Details
Learning Targets

  1. Precise localization and diagnosis for spine
  2. Surgical plans for spine diseases.
  3. Surgical techniques.

Learning Skills

  1. Minimal invasive techniques of spine surgery.
  2. Microscope and endoscope application for spine surgery.
  3. Implantation of spine surgery.

Contact Point
Secretary of neurosurgical department Name: Ms. Hung E-mail: Tel: +886-2-28332211#2591