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Cochlear Implant Training

Hospital Name Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Our cochlear implant team is set up in 2014 as Taiwan first Cochlear Implant Center. We have performed 539 successful surgeries of cochlear implantation by performing a novel approach of minimal invasive surgery aiming for initial switch-on within 24 hours.

Up to 98% of the patients in the center have maintained their hearing, far ahead of the results achieved by institutes of developed countries. We believe that the success of our procedures can be attributed to meticulous quality control and finely orchestrated teamwork.


Medical innovations in the cochlear implant "Postoperative CI Activation within 24 hours" to reduce postoperative wounds, minimize wound pain and swelling, and use soft The technique implants the electrode into the cochlea without allowing any air, blood clots or bone powder to fall into the cochlea, creating a barrier to current flow between the implanted electrode and the auditory nerve. Therefore, in addition to slowing down the patient's pain and improving postoperative quality, within 24 hours after surgery, you can hear the sound at an open frequency and grasp the opportunity of early electrical stimulation.

In order to allow the electrodes to be safely placed and the pain of the case can be minimized, especially the world's smallest incision - 2.5 cm

One-time reduction in hospital stays can be discharged from one week to 24 hours after surgery, and 98% of patients do not need painkillers to relieve pain.

The proportion of surviving hearing preservation is as high as 98%, far exceeding the results of medical peers around the world.

We received 2015 and 2016 "SNQ" Symbol of National Quality; 2015  I.BM.I "National Innovation" Prize


Course: 3~12 months, 2 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 10,000/month


Additional fee, 2000/week

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We will assess applicant's profile

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Cochlear Implant

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International Medical Center Name: Vera Huang E-mail: verahuang0819@femh.org.tw Tel: +886-2-7728-1679