Organ Transplant
Program Name

Division of Nephrology

Hospital Name Taichung Veterans General Hospital
  1. Kidney transplant care: Evaluation, post operation care, ABOi and highly sensitized kidney transplantation program.
  2. Shared decision making (SDM) is considered an important aspect of advanced CKD management, thus, the video of SDM of renal replacement therapy (RRT) and “Education Aid with Games” release to help their decision.
  3. The VGHTC Risky Patient Dashboard (RED) was designed for full modality of patient safety care to detect potential high-risk patients to identify CKD patients.
  4. The hemodialysis intelligent system with wireless transmission patients’ data to our electron medical records can reduce HD nurse daily work, and “Smart Scheduling” and “Intelligent Security Monitoring” could visual process risky patients.


We started the first living renal transplantation (RTx) on 1983/5/3, the first cadaveric RTx on 1984/3/3, the first ABO incompatible living RTx on 2009/7/16 and the first peritoneal dialysis on 1984/2/17 in central Taiwan.

We provide the comprehensive full range renal care with seven important achievements: 5,000 on-site patients with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease (CKD) still on Multidisciplinary Pre-ESRD Education Program (MEP) out of our exceed 10,182 cases since 2003 accredited as “Chronic Kidney Disease Health Promotion Center”, nearly 6,500 patients detected as early CKD (ECKD) with risk reduction in 2018, around 300 renal biopsy cases/year and the best survival rates continued to lead the country.

We have trained more than 100 nephrologists, intensive care physician, renal transplantation surgeons and nurses in charge of nephrology wards and Intensive Care Units. Health Promotion Administration accredited the “Model Award of Kidney Disease Health Promotion Institutions in Medical Center in 2018”


Course: 1~3 months, 3 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 2000/day


Additional fee, 1200/day


We provide one breakfast/person a day, reservation in advance.

Applicant Qualification

  • Physician, Nurses with Internal medicine clinical care experience
  • The basic knowledge of renal transplantation
  • Experience of general medicine or intensive care unit also accepted

Program Details
Learning Targets

  1. Physician: renal transplantation donor and recipient survey, peri-operative and post-operative care, long-term complications management
  2. Quality management of renal care
  3. Collaboration of computer since and renal care

Learning Skills

  1. Renal biopsy
  2. Renal transplantation
  3. Intelligent technique integrated in renal care

Contact Point
International Medical Service Center Name: Cheng-Hsu Chen E-mail:, Tel: +886-4-2359-2525 #2053 /#3040