Organ Transplant
Program Name

Organ Transplantation Center Liver Transplantation

Hospital Name China Medical University Hospital

There are many innovative surgical techniques and post-transplantation care in living donor liver transplantation in CMUH .


We create the technique to identify middle hepatic vein and preserve its each branch in living donor hepatectomy, we call Rooftop and Skeletonization technique and published it in the famous journal. This original technique can decrease the recipient's hospitalization days and complications rate. It also decreases living donor complication rate. Besides, we also have lots of experiences in using PTFE graft in MHV reconstruction. In the hepatic outflow reconstruction, we also create Raising-flap Technique and it is can prevent graft outflow from being compromised.

In hepatic artery reconstruction, we use surgical loupes instead of microscope. We already published this unique technique in 2017. That is the first and largest series report. We own the lowest complications rate in all published articles in the whole world.

We also own original protocol in early using immunosuppression agent, mTOR inhibitor, and have lots of experiences. Thus, we were invited to a global multi-center clinical trial in 2015.

Prof.Long-Bin Jeng has trained around 10 foreign doctors from the Japan, India, Greece, Mexico, and Republic of Armenia. The Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand transplantation team also visit our hospital and learn our transplantation surgery and post-transplantation care experiences.


Course: 3~12 months, 2 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 10,000/month


Other, Lodging and meals not included

Applicant Qualification

  • More than 3 years of clinical experience
  • Valid Physician/Medical License
  • More than one year of working experience

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Learn pre-transplantation patient and living donor selection. Learn post-transplantation care.

2. Learn transplantation surgical technique.

3. Knowledge on use of immunosuppression agents and realize related complications.

4. Realize patient’s long-term complication and how to treat these situation, including rejection, infection and de novo malignancy etc.

Contact Point
Organ Transplantation Center Name: Dr. Shih-Chao Hsu E-mail: Tel: +886-4-22052121ext1765