Program Name

Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery

Hospital Name Chi Mei Hospital

We had spinal surgery team since 2006 and experience of minimal invasive spinal surgery for more than 10 years. The team included 7 visiting stuff. Minimal invasive spinal surgery had small wound, less blood loss, less post-operative pain and short hospital day.


We had 500-600 spinal surgery every year and 150 cases of minimal invasive spinal surgery. 


Course: 1~3 months, 1 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 10,000/month



Applicant Qualification

Has more than 3-years clinical experiences

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Minimal invasive spinal surgery technique

2. Pre-operative assessment

3. Post-operative care

Learning Skills

Minimal invasive spinal surgery 

Contact Point
Department of International Affair Chi Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan Name: Li-Chen Liu E-mail: Tel: +886-6-281-2811 ext.52940