Organ Transplant
Program Name

Organ Transplantation Program

Hospital Name Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital

Tzu Chi Organ Transplantation Center is the only one institute that can provide clinical service of liver and kidney transplantation in eastern Taiwan. Established in 1995, we organize multidisciplinary team to offer high quality of surgery and patient care in both living and deceased kidney and liver transplantation.


We finished 209 cases of kidney transplantation and 68 cases of liver transplantation, with a cumulated 5-year survival of 85% and 70% respectively for kidney and liver transplantation.

The major theme of our research is focus on metabolic and cardiovascular complication after organ transplantation. They included arterial stiffness, metabolic syndrome and associated adipokine in post-transplant recipients. More than 40 scientific articles have been published in relevant journals. 


Course: >1 year, 1 person

Program fee

Course: NTD Upon discu/month



Applicant Qualification

At least four years general surgery residentship training 

Program Details
Learning Targets

  1. Perioperative care of end-staged organ failure patients especially focusing on liver.
  2. Pre-transplant candidacy evaluation
  3. Long-term post-transplant recipient follow-up and surveillance
  4. Surgical technique organ transplantation including organ procurement and implantation
  5. Basic transplant immunology and clinical immunosuppression

Learning Skills

  1. Living and deceased donor liver transplantation
  2. Living and deceased donor kidney transplantation
  3. Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy

Contact Point
Director, Organ Transplantation Center, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Name: Ming-Che Lee, MD E-mail: Tel: +886-3-8561825 Ext. 6350/6351