Program Name

Trauma and Reconstruction

Hospital Name E-Da Hospital

The orthopedic surgery department of E-Da Hospital is one of the most famous trauma team in the world. We are also the designated trauma training center in Taiwan by the AO foundation. Our superintendent, Professor Yuan-Kun Tu, is also the master of brachial plexus injuries and nerve regeneration.


We treat thousands of trauma cases every year and is one of the highest volume trauma center in Taiwan. We deal with not only bony fractures, but also soft tissue reconstruction and microsurgeries.

We have a biomechanical lab specialized in biomechanics and implants evolution. More than 100 papers are published on SCI journals from the department and the lab every year.

Dr. Ching-Ho Ma, faculty and instructor of AO foundation, is responsible for the trauma training courses. Hundreds of local and international fellows from all over the world had been trained in our institute in the past decades, and more of them are coming for their fellowship in the near future. 


Course 1: 1~3 months, 2 person
Course 2: 3~12 months, 1 person

Program fee

Course: NTD Upon discu/day


Additional fee, 160/day

Applicant Qualification

Residents or Attending of Orthopedic surgery

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Basic concept of fracture

2. Advanced surgical techniques for multiple trauma

3. Basic technique of microsurgery and soft tissue reconstruction

Learning Skills

1. Basic surgical technique of fractures

2. Basic microsurgery technique

Contact Point
Name: Secretary, Miss Huang E-mail: ed110074@edah.org.tw Tel: +886-7-615-0011