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Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH) was established in Shipai, Taipei on July 1, 1958. With an initial number of 600 beds, it has now expanded to nearly 3,100 beds and is regarded as an important National Medical Center in Taiwan. Later our hospital established branches in Taichung and Kaohsiung and has listed 7 other veterans hospitals as branches under its jurisdiction. Nevertheless, the hospital is still expanding its services, including services to remote areas.

Occupying an area of 30 hectares and employing almost 7,000 people, the hospital deals with a heavy work load with more than 20,000 people engaged in daily various activities within the hospital. The objectives of the hospital are as follows: to maintain the hospital as a world-class medical center and to be the first choice for people, to provide courteous and warm treatment for patients, to pursue excellence, to adhere to moral principles, and to recognize core values of abiding the law and trustworthiness.

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