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Established in 1980, China Medical University Hospital was the first hospital in Taiwan to integrate Chinese and Western medicine. JCI-accredited since 2010, China Medical offers eight comprehensive medical specialty centers, including a Stroke Center, Cancer Center, Trauma and Emergency Center, Heart and Vascular Center, Organ Transplantation Center, Neuropsychiatry Center, Kidney Institute, and Preventive Medicine Center.

Committed to medical excellence, clinical research, and the modernization of Chinese medicine, many of the procedures performed at China Medical are accompanied by Chinese medicine and Chinese rehabilitation strategies. China Medical’s mission is supported by academic exchange and cooperative agreements with the University of South Carolina, US; MD Anderson Cancer Center, US; and Policlinico San Matteo at the University Pavia, Italy.

Each physician at China Medical is certified in a Western medical specialty; most also have subspecialty certifications. All physicians have received both Chinese and Western clinical training. Its more than 1,000 registered nurses provide not only basic clinical care but also perform sophisticated procedures in the intensive care unit, emergency room, and specialty centers.

China Medical’s International Medical Services Center offers a particularly extensive variety of treatments, including travel planning; lodging arrangements for patients and families; transportation; air ambulance; translation of medical documents; language translation in Arabic, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese; customized meals and nutrition services; communication support by telephone and internet; health examinations for patients and families; shopping, sightseeing, and tourism planning; discharge planning; and assistance before, during, and after hospitalization.

Located in Taichung, the largest city in central Taiwan, China Medical has ready access to scenic areas such as Sun Moon Lake and Mount Ali National Park, a plus for recovering international patients."

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