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In 1959, a group of ICM sisters from Belgium set up a dispensary on Da Pu Street in Taipei City, providing medical care and medication for the poor. Two years later, they established the Saint Joseph Hospital on Dong Yuan Street and continued helping the poor. On May 1, 1962, the hospital was inaugurated. The main purpose of the hospital was to serve mothers and children, and was once known as the hospital that admitted the highest number of premature newborns in Taiwan.

 By 1981, the hospital facility was already too crowded for the services rendered. The sisters decided to donate the hospital and also a piece of land in Yunghe City and handed it over to the Taipei Archdiocese to merge with the Cardinal Tien Hospital in Hsien Tien City, commissioning the building of a new and modern hospital. The Saint Joseph Hospital was to become the Cardinal Tien Hospital Yunghe Branch on Chung Hsing Street in Yunghe City.

 By July 18 1983, the new hospital was inaugurated, keeping to the original purpose of rendering services to mothers and children.

 A few years later, the Yunghe Branch gradually upgraded their facilities, solicited experts, expanded outpatient clinics and wards, set up an emergency department, hemodialysis, an intensive care unit and CT scan and moved on to become a community-based hospital.

 By 1990 the hospital was accreditated to be a regional teaching hospital. Aside from upgrading the emergency department and Level II medical service, we pride ourselves in preventive medicine, long-term care, care for Dementia patients, home care service, providing a meal service for community elderly who live alone, care for foreign spouses etc. For these we were granted a Health-Promotion Hospital authentication by the WHO.

 In order to provide quality service, in 2003 we started to construct a new In-patient building which has 12 floors and 3 basements. It was completed in April 2007 and started with admission, emergency service, and general medical examinations. At the same time, the old building, which has 7 floors and one basement, was renovated and completed by April 2008. This building was for the purpose of out-patient clinics and executive medical checkups.

 The Cardinal Tien Hospital Yunghe Branch has a brand new scenario, we have a total of about 20,000 sq. meters, a total bed capacity of more than 300 morw than 30 specialties and subspecialties. Our personnel are professional and diligent, our facilities are modern and advanced. We have an MRI, a 64-slice Volume CT scan, Lithotripsy, a Laser for Prostate Glands, digitalised mammography, ultrasound machines, endoscopy, surgical suites etc. We have neurological and cardiological examination facilities and equipment. We are patient-oriented in terms of spatial design, which is intimate, warm, spacious, comfortable and cozy. Our exclusive executive medical checkup center of the highest quality. "Personal care, family care, total care, team care" is our motto.

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