Organ Transplant
Program Name

Liver Transplantation Program

Hospital Name Taipei Veterans General Hospital

The Liver Transplantation Team, established on July 2001, is a multidisciplinary team. The team members include surgeons, hepatologists, radiologists, endoscopy physicians, pathologists, psychiatrists, intensivists and transplantation pharmacists.


We had conducted more than 600 cases of liver transplantation since 2001 and 75% were live donor liver transplantation. Our surgical successful rate was 90% and 3-year survival rate reached to 75%. Although the survival rate is not very high, it is because we treated many difficult cases referred from other hospitals. We performed two cases of Domino liver transplant, one case of APOLT (auxiliary partial orthotopic liver transplant), and 4 cases of newborn liver transplantation which were never performed in other hospital in Taiwan. The live donor liver transplant for a 25-day old baby with 3.8 kg and a 4-month old baby with only 3.2 kg were successful treated in our hospital.

Our researches include clinical innovative technique, stem cell transplantation for acute liver failure in swine, tolerance and many others associated with liver transplantation.

We have trained more than 30 medical staffs (surgeons, intensivists and nurses) from foreign countries and from Taiwan.


Course 1: <1 month, 2 person
Course 2: 3~12 months, 2 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 10,000/month


Additional fee, 3400/month


Employee restaurant NTD 55/ every meal

Applicant Qualification

The applicant should have more than 3-years clinical experiences & more than 1 year working experience

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Pre-transplantation patient and living donor selection & post- transplantation care;

2. Transplantation surgical techniques for both donors and recipients including live donors and deceased donors for trainees

3. Immune suppression agent usage & related complications.

Learning Skills

1.Live donor laparoscopic assisted hepatectomy and deceased donor organ recovery.

2.Liver transplant of recipient for both liver and deceased donors.

3.Pre-op evaluation and post-op care

Contact Point
Global Medical Education Center Name: Ms. Alice Chien, MSEd E-mail: Tel: +886-2-2875-7381 Website: Link