Program Name

Pediatric Neurosurgery and Epilepsy Program

Hospital Name Taipei Veterans General Hospital

The Pediatric Neurosurgical and Epilepsy Surgery Teams, established since 1989, is a multidisciplinary team. We performed 30-50 pediatric brain tumor surgeries and 30-50 pediatric epilepsy surgeries each year which is the biggest program in Taiwan.


The database for pediatric brain tumor and pediatric epilepsy surgery is more than 2,000 cases and 500 cases, respectively.

The research team also has a lot of discovery and publication in SCI journals, such as Nature Communication, Neuro-Oncology, Cancer, and Epilepsia, etc.

We have trained more than 20 fellows from all over the world, especially in Asia.


Course 1: <1 month, 2-3 person
Course 2: 3~12 months, 2-3 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 10,000/month


Additional fee, 3400/month


Lunch : NTD 55/ per meal

Applicant Qualification

  • The applicant must have more than 3-years clinical experiences & more than 1 year working experience
  • The applicant has learned neurosurgical technique and his or her profile will be assessed.

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Pediatric neurosurgery;

2. Microscopic and endoscopic neurosurgery;

3. Epilepsy surgery.

Learning Skills

1. Interhemispheric approach for deep brain tumor

2. Vertical perithalamic hemispherotomy

3. Endoscopic 3rd ventriculostomy

Contact Point
Global Medical Education Center Name: Ms. Alice Chien, MSEd E-mail: Tel: +886-2-2875-7381