Program Name

Medical Personnel Exchange Program

Hospital Name National Cheng Kung University Hospital

National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) is a national hospital and was established in 1980 and formally opened to the public on June 12, 1988. We provide medical, educational and research services showing excellent achievement. NCKUH is accredited to be the model of excellent operation in Taiwan that other medical centers can learn from.


Number of surgical procedures is 37,022. Total number of patients undergoing organ or tissue transplantation is 85. Total number of Featured surgeries (Endoscopic surgery 5,140, Da Vinci Surgical System 242, Hybrid Percutaneous Coronary Intervention 718) is 6,100.

The number of the Hospital’s research projects in 2018 reached 460. The Hospital published a total of 452 SCI theses, with an average impact of 3.88 .

In terms of clinical teaching and training, we provide year-round and short-term trainings for 428 trainees, including PGY doctors and interns from Taiwan and other countries in 2018. We also trained 3,209 medical personnel, many of which were student interns from abroad.


Course 1: <1 month, 2 person
Course 2: 3~12 months, 1 person

Program fee

Doctor (< 3months): NTD 6,000-10,0/month
Nurse(<3months): NTD 10,000-12,/month
Others (< 3 months): NTD 5,000/month
Doctor (> 3 months): NTD 6,000-8,00/month
Nurse (> 3 months): NTD 12,000/month


Additional fee, 1280/day


Not including meal;Duration depending on the reception of each department

Applicant Qualification

  • Have license of medical personnel.
  • Has more than 1-year clinical experiences & more than 1-year working experience.
  • Fluent English

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Holistic Care

2. Skills of teaching and assessment

3. Enhance inter-professional education and practice

Learning Skills

Clinical Technique(depends on the preceptees’ specialties)

Contact Point
International Medical Center Name: Ms. Chen, Hsiao-Lan E-mail: n956413@mail.hosp.ncku.edu.tw Tel: +886-6-2353535 ext. 3923 Website: Link