Program Name

Anesthesia Training Program

Hospital Name Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

Anesthesia Nursing Training Program

  1. Providing well trained nursing students by establishing the Anesthesia Nursing training program, through clinical practice and teaching courses taught by our Anesthesiologists and experienced anesthesia nursing staff.
  2. Having completed 3 training courses so far, over 35 anesthesia nursing staff has been trained. More courses will continue in the future.

Therapeutic nerve block Training Program

Therapeutic nerve block (Interventional pain treatment), is done by injecting local anesthetics, steroid or other agents to a desired anatomic region causing the drug to infiltrate the targeted nerve to alleviate pain.

  1. Caudal block: > 19 cases
  2. Erector spine plane block: > 25 cases
  3. Stellate ganglion block: > 5 cases
  4. Femoral nerve block: > 343 cases

Course: 1~3 months, 1 person

Program fee

No fees.


Other, Application for dorm (limited)

Applicant Qualification

  • More than 1 year working experience
  • Nurse license and English ability

Program Details
Learning Targets

Anesthesia Nursing Training Program

  1. Being a medical center, there are much clinical practice opportunities.
  2. Apart from teachings provided by our anesthesiologists, our senior anesthesia nursing staff are always available to provide personal and immediate bedside instructions.
  3. Case presentations and clinical teachings are held on a regular basis.

Therapeutic nerve block Training Program

  1. Being a medical center, there are much clinical practice opportunities.
  2. Anatomy and echo guided courses provided by our anesthesilogists.
  3. Clinical practices are performed under supervision of a pain specialist.  A postoperative visit carried out by nursing staff provides immediate feedback for side effects and patient satisfaction.
  4. The department currently has 2 ultrasound machines along with ultrasound simulations for practice opportunities to minimize potential risks and maximize precision of the procedure.

Contact Point
Department of Medical Research & Education Name: Ms. Chin-Hsiu Wei E-mail: chwei@vghks.gov.tw Tel: +886-2-342-2121 #1544