Cardiac surgery
Program Name

Mitral Valve Repair Training Program

Hospital Name Cheng Hsin General Hospital

Established in 1994 and led by Professor Jeng Wei, the Heart Center of Cheng Hsin General Hospital is proud of having a strong heart team of cardiac surgeons and cardiologists, sparing no efforts to improve the quality of medical services and to develop the level of the professional competences.  Over the past two decades, we have been putting into resources to upgrade surgical and medical equipment and dedicated to provide sophisticated, highly-effective techniques and treatments, including the mitral valve repair.


We have performed 227 cases of mitral valve surgery in 2018 and 1228 cases of mitral valve surgery in recent 5 years.

Our research team has published extensively in the fields of cardiac surgery, heart transplantation, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and echocardiography. More than 200 publications have been published in peer-reviewed high-ranking SCI journals.

We are experience in training different aspects of cardiac surgery and cardiology. There are more than 100 surgeons, cardiologist, technicians, and nurses all over the world have undergone our training courses so far.


Course 1: <1 week, 8 person
Course 2: <1 week, 1 person

Program fee

2-day course (1 cardiac surgeon, echocardiographer: NTD 100,000/day
Individual (cardiac surgeon): NTD 50000/day
Individual (echocardiographer or perfusionist or a: NTD 30000/day
7-day course(heart team of 4 members): NTD 500000/week


Other, Excluded


Dining: Offering lunch

Applicant Qualification

  • Additional fee, new comers or experienced are welcomed. For surgeon, we recommend he or she has operated more than 30 cases of conventional cardiac surgery. 
  • We encourage the applicants to apply as heart team.

Program Details
Learning Targets

  1. Heart team approach, including cardiac surgeon, cardiologist, echocardiographer, anesthesiologist, pulmonologist and physical rehabilitation specialist.
  2. Pre-operative evaluation and planning.
  3. Surgical techniques for mitral valve repair.
  4. Post-operative care and follow-up

Learning Skills

  1. Heart team approach for mitral valve repair.
  2. Pre-operative evaluation and planning.
  3. Surgical techniques for mitral valve repair.

Contact Point
Office of Cross-strait and International Medical Affairs Name: Ms. Lin E-mail: Tel: +886-2-2826-4400#3449