Cardiac surgery
Program Name

Endovascular thrombectomy of dialysis vascular access

Hospital Name Hsin-Chu Branch of National Taiwan University Hospital

Our endovascular team for hemodialysis, established in 1997, served for more than 1200 procedures for dialysis vascular access per year. We provided timely thrombectomy service within 24 hours after thrombosis occurred and nearly 400 thrombosed access was salvaged per year. We accomplished clinical study, animal study, and clinical trial in dialysis vascular access and were awarded by the Bronze medal of Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) in Taiwan.


The success rate was 99% for graft access and 95% for native access. The median procedure time was 33 mins for graft access and 38 mins for native access. Our post-procedural primary patency rates were better than the threshold suggested by guidelines.

More than 30 research papers focusing on the issues of dialysis vascular access

We have trained more than 10 fellowships in recent two years.


Course: <1 month, 1 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 3000/week


Additional fee, 4200/week

Applicant Qualification

  • More than one-year clinical experiences in nephrology, cardiology, vascular surgery, or interventional radiology specialty.
  • Basic training or knowledge in interventional radiology procedures

Program Details
Learning Targets

1. Endovascular thrombectomy of totally occluded graft vascular accesses

2. Endovascular thrombectomy of totally occluded native vascular access

3. Endovascular intervention of immature vascular access

Learning Skills

1.Mechanical thrombectomy devices

2.Stent graft implantation

3.Drug-coated balloon angioplasty

Contact Point
International Patient Service Center Name: Ms. Lo Yi-ting E-mail: Tel: +886-3-5205604#8883 Website: Link