Program Name

Knee Health Promotion Option

Hospital Name Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

Based on our research in the medial abrasion syndrome and our experience in performing the ACRFP (arthroscopic cartilage regeneration facilitating procedure), we inaugurated the comprehensive Knee Health Promotion Option, KHPO, in 2007. Physicians in orthopedics, family medicine, rheumatology, rehabilitation and their nurses are welcome to join us to provide care to sufferers of knee OA.


At our center, we treat about 800 patients a year under the KHPO program. Our research lab has continued to work. We expect to further raise the success rate of the KHPO.

The satisfaction rates of 520 KHPO patients in 2011 after 3-year follow-ups:

  • Severity II (slightly deformed): 91.2%
  • Severity II (bone spurs, moderately deformed): 93.6%
  • Severity II (severely deformed, need knee replacement): 91.2%

Repeated impingement between mediopatellar plica (medial plica) and the opposite medial femoral condyle during knee motion causes a medial abrasion phenomenon, which is an important cause for the cartilage in the knee to be gradually worn off (commonly but erroneously referred to as “degenerated”). Twelve papers about this have been published in international journals.

We have trained 5 surgeons from all over the world.


Course 1: <1 week, 2 person

Program fee

Course: NTD 200000/week


Other, Need to apply for separately at your own expense.

Applicant Qualification

  • An orthopedic attending physician for at least two years
  • Having performed at least 100 arthroscopic operations.

Program Details
Learning Targets

  1. Learn about “medial abrasion syndrome”, the real etiological mechanism for osteoarthritis of the knee. Study pathological changes and clinical characterization.
  2. Learn about the “Knee Health Promotion Option”, a comprehensive treatment protocol.
  3. Learn key surgeries.

Learning Skills

  1. Arthroscopic Cartilage Regeneration Facilitating
    Procedure, ACRFP
  2. Microplasty Of The Knee
  3. Precision Total Knee Replacement

Contact Point
International Knee Health Promotion Center Name: Ms. Cheng E-mail: leeann@tzuchi.com.tw Tel: +886-5-2648000 ext.5234 Website: Link