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Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) Unveiled And Launched The “Trace Elements Research Center”, The First of Its Kind in Asia Pacific Region.

Publish Date:2019-10-30

Published day:2019/10/28 Source:Tri-Service General Hospital

With the latest technology development and quantum leap in medical examination techniques, trace elements and their important roles and functions in influencing diseases and physiological mechanisms within human body have gradually attracted interest and attention by medical professionals globally. Aimed at comprehensively upgrading healthcare service of the Taiwan’s one and only military medical center, Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) in November of 2017 singed memorandum of understanding (MOU) on medical research cooperation with Federation of European Societies for the Study of Microelements and Minerals (FESTEM), represented and signed by Professor Anatoly Viktorovich SKALNY, Deputy Chairman of FESTEM. In June, 2019, Professor Chien-Sung, TSAI, Superintendent of Tri-Service General Hospital has led a TSGH medical delegation to visit medical research institutions in Moscow, Russia and conducted mutually beneficial academic and research exchanges during TSGH delegation’s visit in Russia. TSGH medical delegation’s Russian visit this June has paved the way for cooperation and exchange in the field of trace elements research and clinical applications between academic and research institutions of Russia and Taiwan. TSGH medical delegation’s engagement with its Russian counterparts has also laid the foundation and set up the blueprint for the development and founding of TSGH’s Trace Element Research Center, the first of its kind throughout the entire Asia Pacific Region.

Tri-Service General Hospital in the afternoon of Oct. 25th, 2019 has held the unveiling and opening ceremony of “TSGH Trace Elements Research Center”. The unveiling ceremony was presided over by major general Hong, CHANG, Deputy Surgeon General of Defense & Deputy Director General of Medical Affairs Bureau, Ministry of National Defense. International guests of honors invited by TSGH to observe and witness the grand opening ceremony include Professor Anatoly Viktorovich SKALNY, Deputy Chairman of Federation of European Societies for the Study of Microelements and Minerals (FESTEM); Professor Yury Anatolyevich, RAKHMANIN, Chief Scientific Adviser of Federal State-Funded Institution “Sysin Research Institute of Ecology of The Person And Hygiene of The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); Dr. Dirk SCHAUMLÖFFEL, Chairman of Institute of Interdisciplinary Research on Environment and Materials (IPREM), Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA); Professor Anatoly KIRICHUK of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia; Professor Alexander V MELERZANOV of PhysTech School of Biological and Medical Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Professor WU, President of Taiwan-Russia Association for Scientific, Technological and Cultural Exchange and Industry-Academia collaboration; Professor YANG, Director, Division of Clinical Toxicology and Occupational Medicine, Department of Medicine, Taipei Veterans General Hospital; Professor FU, Department of Physics, National Taiwan University; and Professor KONG, Chairman of Department of Food Science, National Taiwan Ocean University. The grand opening ceremony of TSGH’s Trace Elements Research Center was conducted smoothly and well received by all ceremony attendees.

“Trace Elements Research” of Tri-Service General Hospital is Taiwan’s first and only international joint research lab dedicated to research and clinical applications of trace elements. TSGH’s “Trace Elements Research Lab” is also the first incubation lab established by medical centers of Taiwan to offer trace elements testing services, in seamless integration and partnership with leading international trace elements research institutions. After TSGH “Trace Elements Research Center” is online and operational, medical staffs of the hospital can offer up to 40 different kinds of human trace elements testing services to local and international patients seeking healthcare in TSGH, based on clinical needs and indications. TSGH “Trace Elements Research Center” is also Taiwan’s first cross-border platform dedicated to research and clinical applications of trace elements, a research and incubation project jointly sponsored by Tri-Service General Hospital, Dr. Skalny’s Laboratory of Russia, and Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Materials (FESTEM) in Europe. Vis mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange of the latest trace elements testing technologies, TSGH aims to strengthen and deepen its capacity in trace elements research and clinical applications, to the benefit of enhancing medical care quality of TSGH and safeguarding patients’ health and well-being.

Within TSGH “Trace Elements Research Center”, two research sections, “Clinical Applications Section” and “Environment Hygiene Section” respectively, were set up to kick-start trace elements research projects and offer testing services for the patients. Medical specimens derived from human blood, saliva, semen, hair, and nail can all be processed and tested in the newly established research lab, which is capable of testing up to 40 different kinds of trace elements within human body, including aluminum, arsenic, zinc, iron, manganese, uranium, and many more. Testing techniques employed by TSGH Trace Elements Research Center are not only far more precise and sensitive when compared with conventional testing methodologies; they can be processed and completed with only one hospital visit. By assemble a cross-discipline medical team made up of medical professionals from Clinical Pathology Division, Orthopedic Department, Pediatric Department, Geriatric Medicine Division, and Occupational Medicine Division, TSGH is dedicated to construct a comprehensive healthcare mechanism, which will undoubtedly enhance the hospital’s capacity in disease prevention and early diagnoses and medical interventions.

In collaborating with faculty members of School of Public Health and Graduate Institute of Public Health of National Defense Medical Center (NMDC), TSGH “Trace Elements Research Center” will also actively explore future opportunities of advanced R&D projects and more clinical applications. The partnership and collaboration between TSGH and faculty members of NDMC will dedicate more research staffs and resources to further understand the complex yet interesting relationships among trace elements, clinical diseases, food, and environment factors. Findings derived from cross-border trace elements research and clinical testing services will enable TSGH medical team to continue enhancing healthcare quality of precision or personalized medicine, and ultimately help usher in a new era of “Trace Elements and Human Health” in Taiwan.




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