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Antai Hospital Defense COVID-19 in South Taiwan

Publish Date:2020-12-23



Antai Hospital is the only hospital with severe emergency responsibility in Pingtung District, located in southern Taiwan. In addition to facing the endless stream of visits to villagers and the threat of the new coronavirus, it also had to maintain the safety of its frontline medical staff.


In order to implement the classification and diversion, Antai Hospital opened an independent inspection room and opened a pandemic prevention clinic in March. The Fever Respiratory Special Outpatient Clinic allowed patients with respiratory symptoms to be treated in isolation instead in the shared space of the outpatient and emergency departments. Anyone who has respiratory symptoms such as a cold, flu-like or fever and cough but has no history of travel will go to the outpatient clinic instead of going to the hospital.


In addition to effectively blocking possible sources of infection, the special clinic also eased the pressure of emergency room visits, making pandemic prevention more effective. The special clinic is set up in a separate space independent of the main medical building. The special clinic helped prevent the occurrence of nosocomial infections. The doctors in the whole hospital take turns in managing the clinic, preventing staff burnout and reducing the threat of infection.



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