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A Thank-You Letter From China

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital   Last Update:2016-01-06

I am the mother of a microtia child. Coming to Taiwan for medical treatment was not my baby boy's intentions, but the dreams of his "selfish" parents.

I think, all parents of microtia children are like us: from the moment the child is born, aside from the heartbreak, our only hope is that, one day the child will own a beautiful pair of ears. On April 23rd, 2015, the day I have been waiting for so long has finally arrived. Dr. Chen's tireless efforts had accompanied my most restless and most anxious day. Every minute of that day felt like forever. The tears that I have been holding back for the past six years are no longer in my control, and I became flooded with tears. Many times during the distressful wait outside the Operating Room, I have regretted sending my own child into surgery, for the sake of fulfilling our dreams. Finally, I was able to see him in the observation room. When I saw him lying on the bed with his head wrapped in bandage, appearing so weak, yet looking so strong, I felt everything was worth it.

It has been three weeks after the operation, and we will be returning home soon. Looking at my baby's new ears, I could not be any less grateful. Since pre-op document preparations, the International Medical Center (Ting, Lanny, and Doris) has tirelessly given us assistance. When we arrived in Taiwan, either Ting or Lanny was with us every step of the way. The delicate care provided by Ms. Xiao Hua, from pre-op clinical visit to post-op nursing care, we were indeed more than grateful.

We are especially grateful of Dr. Chen and Ms. Xiao Hua. Perhaps, for Dr. Chen, this is only a simple procedure among the many that he performs. However, for us, this is the most important event in our lives. When Dr. Chen came out from the Operating Room at 9:00PM, we are more than glad to see him.

In the tormented 13 hours we have endured, Dr. Chen was actually the one doing the hard work. And for Ms. Xiao Hua, my baby may be just one among many children that she cares for. Yet for us, her every move was so caring, and her every word was very kind. When my baby's ears were unwrapped, a portion of the skin did not heal so well. Dr. Chen and Ms. Xiao Hua not only gave us the most important advice, but also encouraged us to have faith, that everything will be alright.

Upon our departure, please allow us to be exaggerated this one last time. We owe a sincere thanks to Dr. Chen, Ms. Xiao Hua, Ting, Lanny, and all the nursing staff in the ward, as well as everyone who have helped us along the way. We believe we will meet each other once again, and by that time, we will be troubling you again.

Really, thank you all.



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