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American Basketball Player and his MRI Cervical spine Examination

Jhong Jheng Spine&Orthopedic Hospital   Last Update:2017-07-07

American professional basketball player, 26 years old, felt an unpleasant sore at his right upper arm, shoulder to his finger. According to Basketball League regulation, medical certificate of diagnosis was compulsory for changing player in contest. The basketball team manager raised question about MRI examination via FB. When the medical team of JJOH received the questions, our staff rapidly arranged an OPD appointment with our orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chi-Jen Lai in that day afternoon. The patient, over 2 meters of height, was the tallest person visited JJOH; it is our honor to meet this exceptional basketball player. We only spent about 1.5 hours to guide the patient to finish the X ray exam, MRI exam and the outpatient clinical diagnosis. In the next day, Dr. Che-Wei Hung, our spine surgeon gave consultation about the medical image reports to the patient. The patient and his manager were impressed with the fast and pleasant medical service in JJOH. The certificate of diagnosis and all the related documents were prepared well for the patient to apply for the official papers in his basketball team.

 MRI examination MRI examination



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