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IVF babies reunion of Lee Women's Hospital

Lee Women's Hospital   Last Update:2017-10-01

The artificial reproductive technology in Taiwan is mature and outstanding around the globe. The pregnancy rate stands on second. Especially, there were more than 700 Philippines couples searched for help from Lee Women’s Hospital; 400 couples of them already had successful IVF, delivering more than 500 IVF babies healthily, including singleton, twins, triplet, and quadruplet according to statistics since 1986 until now. The rate of baby boy is about 50.4%, baby girl is about 49.6%; the oldest IVF baby now is already at the age of 18. What a great success.

Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee come to meet Philippines IVF babies made by Lee Women's Hospital on October 01, 2017 in order to know their health condition, academic performance, social relationship so that professor Maw-Sheng Lee can have more reference for the benefit of IVF study and Philippines families, and improvement of artificial reproductive technology. Philippines, as Taiwan key country on economy, we will offer them fair price and advanced artificial reproductive technology in order to help them overcome their infertility problems and have children of their own so that they can have complete home. Advanced artificial reproductive technology and facilities in Lee Women’s Hospital like ICSI, LAH, detection of spindle birefringence, pre implantation genetic screening/diagnosis, and time-lapse which can increase pregnancy rate and live birth rate in order to help infertility couples to have healthy children with top medical assistance. 


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