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A Thank-you Letter from Hong Kongnese Patient with Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries

E-Da Hospital   Last Update:2018-01-08

 A 19 year-old Hong Kongnese who was first admitted to Emergency Department of E-Da hospital and later transferred to intensive care unit due to severe injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Patient’s father was informed immediately and took overnight flight to Taiwan. In his thank-you letter, he was grateful for all the support his son and him had received during such difficult time. He also thanked for the exceptional medical care as well as expertise provided by E-Da Hospital’s multidisciplinary team, which contributes to his son’s slowly but surely recuperation.

He went on saying that his son would not be able to go home via air medical transport without International Patient Center team’s thorough coordination and assistance.

Lastly, patient’s father thanked again to all personnel at E-Da Hospital and said “There are no words that can express my gratitude for what you have done for my son! Thank you and Thank you!”


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