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International medical aid- Loan’s short firm for writing course

CMUH International Center   Last Update:2018-08-30

International medical aid- Loan’s short firm for writing course

International Center and Hong Fu Industrial Group launched the international medical cooperation of a lymphedema girl- Nguyen Luan from Vietnam in 2016. The Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen led the interdisciplinary medical team and successfully treated the girl. He overcame the emergency rescue of pulmonary embolism, showed exquisite medical skills, and helped Nguyen return to school, assist farming, and fulfill her wish of cycling.  

This case was selected for making an annually promotional short film of World Health Assembly in 2018. It will be produced in Vietnamese, along with other seven languages, Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. There are exceeded 10 million clicks from the government’s overseas units, official Facebook of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and YouTube, and 85% clicks are from abroad. President Tsai Ing-Wen forwards in the official Twitter and the US Department of State Asia Pacific Bureau (EAP) also forwards through Twitter in order to promote the international brand reputation of our hospital, and the effects continue to spread.


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