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Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery of a Singapore Patient

Jhong Jheng Spine & Orthopedic Hospital   Last Update:2019-05-06

The sun of 2017 summer scorched no less gentle than the past year’s. Mr. Tai spoke in sense of losing patience. “Tell you the truth. I have many friends in southern Asia. Go ahead please arrange as much as health exams that you could. Thanks.” Mr. Kao came from Singapore. His medical report and medication information was sent to JJOH international center through the transferal help from Mr. Tai. Mr. Kao came to Taiwan at the hot summer in August. After we examined Mr. Kao’s medical information, we worried much about his heart failure and some other internal medicine problems. Nevertheless, Dr. Ming-Feng Wu was confident to believe that the surgery would be very successful due to the patient’s athletics training in the past. Thus, nothing needed to be worried. Mr. Kao required to visit our international ward, rehabilitation center, examination room and some other places in our hospital. He returned to Singapore but was determined to have surgery a year later in JJOH. This time we could directly contact Mr. Kao and collected all the medical information from the patient without difficulties. An outpatient appointment with Cardiologist Dr. Ming-Jung Hsu, Anesthesiologist Dr. Cheng-Jing Tsai and Orthopedist Ming-Feng Wu was arranged several days after Mr. Kao arrived in Taiwan. During the meeting, Mr. Kao was happy to obtain as much as medical examination and consultation before his surgery. Mr. Kao’s revisit JJOH was not alone; he then came with his family, his sister and sister’s daughter, and his best friend’s family. He found his mind could be claimed in voices of people that he loved. After surgery we thought that he might need serenity; on the contrary, familiar’s talking could soothe the patient in good sleep and peaceful rest. Mr. Kao’s recovery was excellent. He was able to handle the CPM exercise at the maximum angle 130 degree. His good activity gained our applause from physical therapist. He rewarded our superintendent Dr. Ming-Feng a beautiful black sculpture in the form of Singapore emblem of lion. His family was also under the comprehensive good care of JJOH, received cervical and lumbar spine medical examination at our Spine Surgery clinic. When they left JJOH, Mr. Kao’s happiness in excellent good health was unforgettable.


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