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2019 Myanmar-Taiwan International Medical Aid Severely Ill Little Let Returns to Myanmar “Giving Thanks” Press Conference

International Center / China Medical University Hospital   Last Update:2019-05-30

2019 Myanmar-Taiwan International Medical Aid

Severely Ill Little Let Returns to Myanmar“Giving Thanks” Press Conference

Taiwan’s love reaches Myanmar! In August 2018, an 11-year-old girl, Little Let, from Myanmar with Goldenhar syndrome came to Taiwa for medical care after receiving USD$100,000 from Pou Chen Group, a Taiwanese company long-established in Myanmar. After successfully undergoing 7 months of surgical treatment, where she had correction of her visual impairments and reconstruction of her right ear, Little Let happily returned home last month and started school again.

A combined effort in international medical aid gave Myanmar little girl a new life, “Thank you Pou Chen, thank you Taiwan”

Little Let’s mother stated that Little Let received much love and care during her medical treatment while living in Taiwan, a deeply moving and grateful experience mingled with joy and tears. Little Let also happily exclaimed, “Thank you, Pou Chen! Thank you, Taiwan! You helped me return to good health and return to school.”

Little Let received a lot of assistance for her overseas medical treatment. The Taiwan Christian International Holistic Care Missionary Association initially sought out this international medical aid. Collaborating with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, China Medical University Hospital International Center, and Pou Chen Group, who donated money for medical expenses, the association found a happy ending for Little Let. These different associations and enterprises enthusiastically attended the press conference, giving Little Let the greatest blessing and encouragement and illustrating the medical miracle of love.

Pou Chen Group Deputy General Manager Bruce Shih expressed that he was happy to see Little Let becoming more and more cheerful each day on the journey to a happier life, making her hardships worthwhile. He stated that Pou Chen Group has deep ties with Myanmar, establishing a factory in Myanmar in July 2015 and currently employing over 5,000 Myanmar workers. Furthermore, Pou Chen Group has always regarded corporate social responsibility as a core value of a long-standing company. This time, the international medical aid helped Little Let, concrete evidence of Pou Chen Group’s active participation in various local public welfare programs.

Myanmar Trade Office in Taipei Representative Dr. Myo Thet reported that he was thrilled to see Little Let return to good health and grow. He believed that Pou Chen Group’s responsibility to public welfare represented society’s optimism and positivity and has allowed for an even closer relationship between Myanmar and Taiwan. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Myanmar Representative Chun-Fu Chang reinforced that international medical aid has shortened the distance between Taiwan and Myanmar. Because the love in medicine has no borders, he noted that helping Little Let through everyone’s joint efforts represented Taiwan’s outstanding contribution to international medical care.

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Director David Liao stated that the power of love can cross countries and overcome language barriers. Pou Chen Group sent care and compassion to Myanmar, exemplifying the spirit of love and becoming a paradigm for Taiwanese businesses overseas. He included that TAITRA was the best partner for enterprises wanting expansion into the international market, as well as for promoting Taiwan’s medical warmth and medical industries worldwide. “We appreciate the help from all of the associations and groups in Taiwan” said the Taiwan Christian International Holistic Care Missionary Association Reverend Alex Yang. He was grateful that Little Let received such excellent medical care and experienced the strength of love in Taiwan, encouraging her to healthily and confidently welcome a new and beautiful life. Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Trading and Culture Exchange Association Yangon Office Representative David Chiu expressed how happy and moved he was to see Little Let regaining her confidence and leading a loving life after being helped by so many people. He added that his association would continue to promote and deepen the economic trade, international medicine, and cultural exchange between Myanmar and Taiwan.

Multidisciplinary cooperation, surgery improved Little Let’s vision and rebuilt her the right ear

To treat Little Let’s illness, China Medical University Hospital International Center Superintendent Hung-chi Chen formed a multidisciplinary medical team (comprised of ophthalmology, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery) to implement a 3-stage surgical treatment program. Superintendent Hung-chi Chen indicated that the Department of Ophthalmology Director Hui-Ru Lin was in charge of the ophthalmology surgery in the first stage of treatment. The surgery corrected Little Let’s previous blurry vision, astigmatism and strabismus, improving her vision from 0.1 to 0.7 diopters, her astigmatism from 750 to 500 diopters, and her symptoms of strabismus. With active correction and rehabilitation, Little Let achieved excellent recovery in her vision. Superintendent Hung-chi Chen took over the second stage of treatment, using a part of Little Let’s rib to reconstruct her right ear auricle into a beautiful ear after multiple surgeries. The third-stage of surgery will be performed by the Department of Dentistry Director Yuan-Qien Chen in 2.5 years, where Little Let will undergo right mandible and malocclusion orthodontic correction in order to rebuild her right face. Additionally, she will first return for medical treatment follow-up this October.




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