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CMUH is the winner of 2 IMTJ Awards Taiwan’s medical prowess making an international presence in healthcare, service, and marketing

CMUH International Center   Last Update:2019-12-04

 CMUH is the winner of 2 IMTJ AwardsTaiwan’s medical prowess making an international presence in healthcare, service, and marketing

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) entered the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Medical Travel Awards competition for the first time this year. At the award ceremony in Berlin, Germany, on December 3, 2019, CMUH was the winner of 2 IMTJ Awards in the categories of “Specialist international patient center” and “Best marketing initiative”, drawing international attention to Taiwan’s medical excellence.

International Center received 2 IMTJ awards, including specialist international patient center and best marketing initiative  

CMUH was awarded 2 IMTJ International Medical Travel Awards this year in the categories of “Best marketing initiative” and “Specialist international patient center”. For the “Best marketing initiative” award, the judges commented that it was “Great thinking bringing up the human side of patients’ needs together with hospital generosity”. For the “Specialist international patient center” award, the judges expressed that “This project and the aims were clearly identified and there is evidence that the strategy adopted had results; congratulations!”

The awards highlight Taiwan’s remarkable medical technologies, international medical services, and strength in international promotion and marketing, now recognized by the international community. “Patient-centered” and “outstanding holistic care” is one of the important values and missions of the hospital. Superintendent Der-Yang Cho stated that the International Center’s comprehensive medical services and expedited appointment times provided the highest quality of service and care for international patients. He thanked the International Center team for their hard work and dedication, letting the world see Taiwan’s excellence in medical care.

Prior to the announcement of the award winners, Taiwan Global Healthcare Association Director Wen-Da Qiu congratulated CMUH and stated that this was the first time Taiwan was nominated by the world’s largest international medical association. Under the support of CMU and CMUH Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai and Superintendent Der-Yang Cho, CMUH is truly admirable in the field of international medical practice and is a paradigm for all of the groups and individual members of the Taiwan Global Healthcare Association. Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospital & Clinics Association Secretary General Ming-Yen Wu stated that the nomination of CMUH was a significant milestone as it would encourage more Taiwanese hospitals to participate in international awards. In the end, CMUH won 3 awards, becoming an inspiration for many.

  A Perfect Pair” received over 10 million views online and sets a new example for a diverse and innovative model of international medical marketing

When looking at the 2 awards for CMUH, the award for “Best Marketing Initiative” was largely due to the success of the 2018 short film “A Perfect Pair”, describing a patient case from Vietnam and receiving over 10 million views online. The case was initially a simple international medical philanthropy case sponsored by Hong Fu Industrial Group, a Taiwanese company in Vietnam. However, it soon became an international promotion for Taiwan’s medical brand, which drew the attention of the judges. This case incorporated the innovative and diverse capabilities of the International Center, as well as corporate charity, medical technological advancements at CMUH, and international physicians training at CMUH. Finally, with the support from the government, the case was produced into a short film and translated into seven different languages for promotion at the World Health Assembly. Taiwan’s Presidential Office, Taiwanese embassies, and the United States White House - Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, as well as other international government agencies, widely publicized the film, creating a new example in international medical marketing. International Center Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen, recognized in Taiwan and abroad as unrivalled in the area of integrated reconstructive microsurgery, successfully received an award in the category of “Specialist international patient center”.

International Center demonstrated the power of teamwork and draws international publicity to the medical accomplishments of Taiwan

International Center CEO Ai-Chi Chou indicated that winning these awards was a result of the many achievements made by CMUH’s international medicine in recent years. CMUH took Director Wen-Da Qiu’s advice when he encouraged hospitals to participate in international awards during the Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospital & Clinics Association director/supervisor meeting. He stated that, after many strategy meetings and reviews of Taiwan’s past achievements, now was the time to have the world recognize Taiwan’s medical potential and competitiveness. Among the 19 competition categories, CMUH entered 3 categories and was fortunate enough to win in 2 of them. CMUH appreciates the hospital management for supporting the entry into the competition. The team is not afraid of international competition and will continue to strive to provide the highest caliber of international medical care. To have the opportunity to provide this type of care to patients around the world is already the greatest award.

IMTJ was established in 2007 and organizes the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards each year. The awards are judged by a team of 20 judges worldwide, who choose medical institutions with first-class and innovative medical services as finalists to attend the award ceremony. This year, CMUH stood out from the intense competition and received 2 awards, winning glory for Taiwan on the international stage.

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