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China Medical University Hospital Celebrates a Joyous and Generous Christmas

International Center / China Medical University Hospital   Last Update:2020-01-10

 China Medical University Hospital Celebrates a Joyous and Generous Christmas


18 Foreign Doctors currently training in Taiwan celebrated Christmas and gave back to the local community by visiting kids at China Medical University Children’s Hospital with bags of toys in tow


In the continued strive for internationalization and cross-border exchange, China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has increased efforts in attracting foreign doctors to Taiwan to undertake fellowship training programs at the hospital. The clinical expertise of local doctors combined with the technological advancements of Taiwan’s hospitals has drawn medical professionals to CMUH from all over the world. These doctors expressed their gratitude to the local community in a charity event donating toys to young patients in the Children’s Hospital pediatric wards.


There are currently 18 doctors in the midst of their training, and as a gesture of appreciation, the Department of Education held a Christmas party on Friday to have them feel more at home in Taiwan. The Department of Education director, Dr. Chiu Te-Fa opened the event and surprised each visiting doctor with a gift to take home as remembrance of their time at CMUH and in Taiwan.


The Christmas holiday spirit is all about giving and charity: besides receiving a gift, the foreign doctors had an opportunity to spread joy and share their own culture. At the CMU Children’s hospital, there are many young patients unable to spend the holiday at home. After the party, our visiting doctors dressed up in Santa, snowman, and snow-princess costumes and distributed toys to young patients at the pediatric wards.


Appearing as Santa Claus was Dr. Anand Patel from India, currently doing bariatric surgery training at the Body science & Metabolic disorders (BMI) Medical Center of the Hospital. The BMI Medical center superintendent, Dr. Chih-Kun Huang, has trained more than 30 doctors in Bariatric surgery since the inception of the BMI Center in 2016. The trainees come from various countries in southeast or south Asia, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and India.


Also in attendance was Dr. Johnathan Velazquez Mujica from Mexico, dressed as a snowman, who is currently training with Dr. Hung-Chi Chen, professor of Reconstructive surgery and superintendent of the International Center of CMUH.


The number of trainees at CMUH has doubled in the past 2 years. This year over 50 foreign doctors and healthcare professionals have come to train at various departments across China Medical University Hospital. Doctor Ruben Harutyunyan comes all the way from Armenia and currently studies pediatric oncology at the Children’s Hospital of CMUH. After 5 years in the Department of Neurosurgery at the National Oncology Center of Armenia, he flew to Taiwan just one month after getting married in July.


There is currently no Taiwan embassy in Armenia so Ruben and his wife had to apply for the travel permit at Moscow 2,200km away. Despite the obstacles, his excitement and motivation to learn from the doctors in Taiwan are apparent. A month into his fellowship he has stated, “I am in love with CMUH!” His wife, Mrs. Ani Latoyan, was dressed as the snow-princess in the charity event at the Children’s Hospital.

International Center / China Medical University Hospital


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