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Early Found, Early Treatment

Armfulcare Hospital   Last Update:2020-03-16

The 53-year-old Mr. Liu teaches at a university in China and receives routine health checks every year. His usual life is normal. At a party, the family told him that the high-level health checkup at Armfulcare Hospital had a preferential plan for the staff. Therefore, accompanied by family members, they came to the hospital for consultation. The health check-up center arranged a special person to provide telephone consultation service to answer Mr. Liu's preliminary questions about appointments, health check items, and fees. After detailed explanations by the Commissioner of the hospital, Mr. Liu decided to go to the hospital for a health check. On the day of the medical examination, Mr. Liu and his wife came to the hospital together, from the counter to the check-in, filling out the order to the process before and after the inspection, the hospital was accompanied by a special person and detailed instructions, so that Mr. Liu and Mrs. Liu felt at ease, the inspection took only about 2 hours. Let the two people who are busy at work can complete the inspection project quickly.

On November 7, 2006, Mr. made a number of computed tomography scans involving the head, lungs, abdomen and pelvis, lumbar vertebrae (spine), blood vessels and coronary arteries. The inspection report was quickly sent to Mr. Liu. . The results of the report presented a suspected tumor of the lung in the right upper lobe of the lung. The doctor suggested that he should go to his hospital for surgery. On November 29, 2006, Mr. Liu was diagnosed as stage 0 lung cancer in the medical center, and immediately underwent a small partial resection. The operation was also successful, no need for chemotherapy, and only regular follow-up examination. On August 2, 108, Mr. Liu arranged a re-examination in this hospital. The bilateral lungs were confirmed to have no tumor, which made him and his wife feel at ease. For early detection and early treatment, both Mr. Liu and his wife are very grateful to the hospital. They also hope that everyone around them can pay more attention to their bodies. Both of them are sure of the importance of high-level hospital inspection.


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