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Health Is Never Too Late

Armfulcare Hospital   Last Update:2020-03-16

 Mr. Lao, a native of this nationality, is 76 years old. Because he wants to know his physical condition when he is old, he was introduced to the hospital for high-level health checkup. On November 24, 2006, he underwent computed tomography scans of the head, lungs, abdomen, spine, and heart. The injection process and the attention part are required during the inspection process, and the hospital staff patiently explains the possible conditions, so that the lama can check it with peace of mind. Within 7 days after the examination, the hospital sent a report to the Lama. The doctor explained that there were fibrosis in the lungs on both sides of the upper lobe, bubble formation in the lungs on both sides of the lower lobe, calcification of the abdominal aorta and its branching arterioles, and heart. The blood vessels have plaque deposits and stenosis, and the lumbar spine is convex. Physicians also recommend that you pay attention to diet, develop normal living habits, rest more, increase the amount of exercise, and follow up with a supervisor to arrange a re-examination to determine whether the condition of the body is deteriorating.

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