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We are happy yet a little sad to say farewell to Dr. Wang’s fertility team

  Last Update:2020-10-03

Hello, Dr. Wang

          After two heartbreaking early pregnancy losses, we start a series of fertility check-up. I was told by my previous fertility physician that low AMH level, shorter luteal phase and thyroid deficiencies would be issues to  my infertility. At the time, IVF seems my only option to start a family.

         I brought all the hormone level and immune report while I met with you for my first appointment this May. I decided to start the process of IVF in June but this time it was cancelled unexpectedly given the poor follicular development I had. At first, this came as a shock. Later, though, you told me that “your first cycle is not a sign of how the next will go.”

     I still vividly remember the day of embryo transfer which was July 18th, 2020. After the transfer, you wheeled me into the recovery room and wish me good luck.And, out of nowhere, I felt like I need a good cry as my tears welled up in my eyes. I felt like it is your expertise and the uplifting, positive attitude you’ve created which makes me travel all the way from Hualien to Taipei to seek fertility treatment.

     We are very happy that we graduated from your clinic yet a little sad to say farewell to you and your fertility team who helped me throughout the journey during this few months. We plan on keeping in touch with your fertility team as we hope to bring our little bundle of joy in person in the spring.


All the best to your fertility team

Sep 13th, 2020


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