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Webinar on COVID-19 for Doctors in Bangladesh

  Last Update:2020-06-05

The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has severely impacted the five continents of the world. The Taiwanese government has responded quickly and the people have been highly cooperative. They have not closed the city and have almost normal lives. The unique Taiwan model "Taiwan Model" has attracted international attention. The epidemic situation in Bangladesh has been rapidly increasing since May. The number of confirmed cases has exceeded 40,000, with a total of 559 deaths. In the spirit of fighting the epidemic together by citizens of the world, the Trade Association immediately cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to donate masks, protective clothing, respirators and other materials to Bangladesh. At the same time, it cooperated with E-Da Hospital on June 4 to pass on Taiwan’s anti-epidemic experience, hoping to pass the epidemic prevention. The sharing of experience helps Bangladesh quickly get away from the epidemic. Taiwan's Nobel Group also participated in the grand event by donating goggles. At the same time, it also co-organized an online course on epidemic prevention experience sharing with the China Asia Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship Association, inviting Bangladeshi medical professionals to participate.

This time, the E-Da Hospital is composed of Dr Liang Zhenglong, the International Director, Dr Zheng Sheng?, Executive Vice President, Dr Huang Junkai, Director of the Department of Infection Control, Dr Care and hospital epidemic prevention as a complete explanation. Among them, the Minister of Infection Control Department Huang Junkai pointed out how to diagnose and treat patients with new coronary pneumonia, who should be tested? What kind of test is accepted? How to deal with confirmed patients? How to create a safe medical environment and avoid nosocomial infections and other topics to share a number of epidemic prevention measures one by one.

More than 80 local doctors and related practitioners participated in the event. In the one-and-a-half-hour online seminar, Professor Md. Sayedur Rahman of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University mentioned that there is a serious shortage of epidemic prevention materials in Bangladesh, especially for PPE. Coupled with the continuous increase in the number of patients, the front-line medical staff are exhausted physically and mentally. They are deeply impressed by the epidemic prevention methods of E-Da Hospital, especially the hand-washing dance MV for epidemic prevention in a relaxed way. Many doctors in Bangladesh also had a lively discussion with the E-Da Hospital team on the medication of new coronary pneumonia.

Through the sharing of know-how to prevent epidemics, in addition to showing Taiwan's care for the international community, has also enhanced Taiwan's medical awareness in the local area. In the future, the Trade Association will continue to conduct online epidemic prevention seminars with Vietnam, Thailand and India, continue to promote the sharing of Taiwan's epidemic prevention experience with medical professionals in various countries, and pass the message of Taiwan can help to the world, so that TAITRA is helping. 


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