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Taipei Fertility Center / Case Sharing from China

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Taipei Fertility Center / Case Sharing from China
I am from Chongqing , China. I have a similar experience with many women who have experienced infertility treatment. We went back and forth to the hospital for examinations and receiving treatment from traditional Chinese and Western medicine. If I hadn't met Dr. Tzeng, I think I might still undergo treatment.
When I first started the artificial reproductive technology treatment, I was concern about the egg retrieval operation and the cost, so before going on an IVF treatment, I chose to do IUI, but failed.
At the age of 37, on my friend's advise,  I went to Thailand to receive the 3rd-generation IVF treatment. The doctor in Thailand made me went through two time of egg retrievals in one month. However, none of the embryos passed the Preimplantation Genetic Screening. I was extremely sad and wept for more than six months due to the treatment failure. 
    Not until a friend in Taiwan introduced me of Dr. Tzeng., did I decided to give it a try. I came to Taiwan to see Dr. Tzeng when I was 39 years old. Unexpectedly, Dr. Tzeng's treatment plan was a success. After only one IVF treatment in Taiwan, I got pregnant and back to China to wait for my baby to be born.
My baby just turned one month when I wrote this. I am very grateful for Dr. Tzeng, who made my dream of becoming a mother come true. I hope my experience can inspire couples who are undergo infertility treatment, and bring courage and strength to everyone.
--Patient Experience Chongqing, China. / Miss Zhou Shu, 40 years old.


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