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[Egg Recipient Program] Premature Ovarian Failure at 30 Finally Pregnancy in Taiwan

Stork Fertility Center   Last Update:2023-02-02

I am 36 now. I recall the hardships I have experienced in the past six years, and finally I had my own child. Look at my sleeping baby, I would like to record this process, kind of to say goodbye to this trip.

Premature Ovarian Failure at 30, only can rely on Egg Recipient Program
I found I had premature ovarian failure at 30. My AMH result was only 0.06. It really shocked me, I couldn't believe it at first, and finally accepted it. And I started to see doctors around the country. I tried everything and had IVF treatment for 2 year. Due to my premature ovarian failure, it’s hard to get the oocyte, even the good one. Although I was successful once, the baby was found it’s unhealthy at 28 weeks pregnant. I just let it go.
After the induction of labor, my premature ovarian failure was even worse. I couldn't bear it any longer. I once thought about giving up. I thought it would be nice to live in a two-person world. Watching the birth of a friend's child. I can't fool myself, I still want a complete life and family with children. In the end, I chose the Egg Recipient Program.
The Egg Recipient Program was illegal at that time. I knew some couples faced the same issue and they consulted the black market. But I was worried. Even though it's convenient, I felt insecure about an unmanaged egg bank, so I ended up not going to the black market for treatment.
Egg Recipient is legal in Taiwan, that’s why I went to Stork
Later I learned that the Egg Recipient Program is legal in Taiwan. After getting to know and being recommended by friends, I finally chose the Stork Fertility Center in Taiwan. In 2018, I started to contact Stork and prepared all the documents needed. I flew to Taiwan for the first visit, and the most important, I began pairing with the egg donor. Soon, I paired the donor after a month. It's a pity that the pairing of Taiwan's Egg Recipient Program is double-blind. We can't see donors’ photos, we can only imagine what the donor's look like through the mouth of the consultant.
It’s efficient. So I planned for my next check-up-ERA. That's to make sure my window of implantation opens at a regular time. They make sure everything before implantation, including thrombus indicators. And it found out my D-Dimer is higher. So I have to do heparin injection. Even though it's uncomfortable, I could do anything for my baby.
It turns out why not go to Taiwan at the beginning, tossing me for so many years, and making me exhausted. I finished all the procedures in one year: visa, notarization, flight ticket, examination, pick the donor, ERA, implantation. Finally, I gave birth to a lovely baby, and completed my dream.
I experienced different treatments between Stork and the hospital in China. There are many people in China, and it is chaotic and long waiting in China. Stork is totally opposite. From the doctor, nurse and assistant, I felt comfortable and pleased. Most importantly, it’s legal center, they follow the Artificial Reproduction Law, serious for every step and procedure. The donor must be healthy before the pairing.
Everytime I see my sleeping baby, I always want to say
You only have one cell that is not mine, the rest of the billions of cells in your body are all given to you by me.
I have suffered all kinds of hardships just to have you, I hope you can grow up healthy, safe and happy. I love you.
However, I got through all 6 years to have my baby. I still appreciate that I didn't give up, and I chose Stork. Thanks to the doctors and staff from Stork Fertility Center that complete my life and my family.
*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.



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