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How Could I be A Mom After Menopause in 20

Stork Fertility Center   Last Update:2023-08-23


About three years ago, my husband and I heard the term “ Egg Recipient” for the first time. Before we took the egg recipient for IVF, we had experienced a lot of painful things, and we shed a lot of tears. We even thought about adopting a child. We thought if the child doesn’t have my genes, then is it best not to have a blood relationship with both of us? My husband and I had discussed it for a long time, and finally decided to take the egg recipient program. The reason for taking this move was that I wanted to give birth to a child of my husband and raise him as an adult. In terms of biology, my child and I are not related by gene. However, after all, it is me that gave birth after ten months of pregnancy! I really want to experience the process of pregnancy and having a baby. What would it be like?

Since learning about the "egg recipient program", we have checked a lot of information. Japanese law doesn’t approve of this project, so if you want to take this in Japan, it will take a lot of time and money just to evaluate and check qualifications at the early stage. Because the evaluation is too strict, even after passing the assessment, it may take several years and I may grow into an advanced maternal age unknowingly. As soon as I heard that there is a possibility of pregnancy termination at an advanced pregnancy age, I became anxious. Accepting an egg donation doesn’t necessarily lead to pregnancy. Even if you get pregnant successfully, you may not be able to continue your pregnancy, and you may not even be able to give birth to your baby safely. These risks aren’t just because of egg recipients, but because IVF has its own risks. However, even with so many risks, we still want to give it a try.

At that time, I strongly believed that if I didn't do it, I would definitely regret it. We went to two hospitals’ seminars of egg recipients in Japan, one of which was the Stork Fertility Center. We were redeemed by what the doctor said. In fact, my husband was still hesitant, so I took him to the seminar in order to persuade him. What the doctor said on the stage deeply touched my husband's heart. He started to face and think positively, and finally we gave birth to the baby safely. For us, this is a very meaningful thing. We are very happy! Although I still have the idea of ​​"This child does not have my genes", but more importantly, this child grew up in my belly. It was a lovely child who was born after my ten-month pregnancy with abdominal pain. This has not changed and beyond doubt.

In the future, I will truthfully tell my kid about the egg recipient. We decided to reveal it to the child slowly when he/she is not sensible, and when he learns more and more, we will explain it to him very carefully. I would like to thank the donor who dedicated precious eggs to us in this article. Thank you, thanks to your loving donation, we can have a son/daughter. I will tell the kid about you. I will tell him/her: "This girl doesn't even know the names of mom and dad, but she is willing to help us." Thank you so much. We are very happy. Thank you for what you gave us. I know that there will be a lot of trials from now on, but the three of us will go through it hand in hand.

Next, I want to tell the couple who are still hesitating whether to take the egg recipient program. The project does have two side opinions. My parents-in-law were opposed at first, but now they are very happy to see their grandson/granddaughter and look forward to the child's growth. No matter how, this child is our treasure. There are few people like me who have menopause in their 20s. I used to suffer terribly because I couldn't have my own children, but now I am very happy. Thanks to the support of the Stork Fertility Center, I can have such happiness. Thank you all. After the child grows up, I want to take him/her on a trip to Taiwan, so that you all can see how he grows up.

*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.


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