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Premature Ovarian Failure How To Get Pregnant

Stork Fertility Center   Last Update:2023-08-23


I am A-Cheng from Hong Kong. After I married my wife A-Yin, we have always wanted a baby. We have tried so many years to no avail. After that, we went to several private hospitals in Hong Kong, also went to Chinese medicine practitioners, and ate various nutritional products. Two years ago, my wife's menstruation had been inaccurate due to her age. We all insisted on thinking about the good side. Although we are getting older, we will still have the same opportunities as other elderly couples. However, it is still stressful for A-Yin and I facing disappointment again and again. 

One day, A gynecologist told us that my wife's ovaries are close to menopause. The chance of success in IVF is very low, and the course of treatment will cause further damage to the ovaries.  I felt very painful, but I also needed to comfort my tearful wife, “It doesn't matter, we should still have a way…”

After that time, I tried to understand the latest information of IVF, including the development of three generation IVF. Stork Fertility Center has an individualized treatment design, and tailors the most appropriate ovulation induction treatment according to the status of the individual's ovarian inventory. With a professional doctor and a good reputation, I made a call to the Hong Kong Office of Stork (Temporary Closed). I recounted the situation of myself and my wife, hoping that stork could help us. I soon received an email from the Taiwanese consultant. The consultant quickly followed up on our situation and patiently answered the questions I raised. At the same time, she also provided some information about the center. The journals of Stork Fertility Center state many couples have persisted in chasing children for many years like us. After all the hardships, they have their own babies. After reading these stories, I was very moved.

One day, the consultant suggested that we take part in an IVF seminar which Stork held in Hong Kong. Doctor’s introduction might help us. My wife and I went there on time that day. The doctor's professional introduction of reproductive technology deeply moved me and my wife. After that, my wife and I had the opportunity to ask the doctor for advice. After learning about the wife’s situation, the doctor answered all our questions and told us the best treatment plan based on the wife’s situation. Thanks to the doctor’s cordial words and professional attitude, my wife and I dispelled our doubts and were full of hope for the future. After that, the consultant and I continued to communicate via email and phone. After considering all aspects, we decided to go to Taiwan for the first consultation and examination.

First time entering the Stork Taipei Center, and I saw a lot of artworks and spacious halls, which gave people a relaxed feeling. The colleagues I met, who were kind and polite, made us and my wife feel warm. Recalling that my wife and I had a lot of worries and questions throughout the course of treatment, I am especially grateful to the consultant for being able to answer patiently. Through email and telephone communication, many questions and worries of my wife and I have been eliminated. I am also very grateful to the doctors in charge of our cases for their professional attitude and kind words. I was particularly impressed by the clip: First of all, we know that there are healthy embryos. It is like waiting until the moment when the exam result is released when I am a student, and I can finally relax. Another exciting moment was when we were in Hong Kong. We saw the beating heart of the fetus. It's so unforgettable.

Finally, we got our beautiful and healthy baby this year. Not only my wife and I, but also the two families are very joyful. During the day, I had to take care of my wife and baby after work. It was a bit harder, but my heart was full of joy. More than half a year later, I sometimes looked at my sleeping son and couldn't help but kiss him on the cheek. I really want to say thank you to Stork, every consultant and doctor who helped me.

I have always wanted to share our story with couples who have encountered the same difficulties as us. Hope our story can help you.

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*This article only reflects the treatment status at the time of writing, and the actual situation should be discussed with the doctor.



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