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Neurosurgery ,Brain Tumor Surgery: Subuh*, Indonesia

  Last Update:2014-10-20

Subuh, a 47 year old father of two from Jakarta, Indonesia, suffered from a meningioma brain tumor which made walking and speaking difficult. Unable to work, play with his children, or enjoy a good quality of life, he underwent an operation which left him unbalanced and required him to use a walker. After consulting with his doctor in Indonesia, it was recommended that he be referred to Dr. Lin, a neurosurgeon that specialized in CyberKnife laser surgery.

In August 2009, the family traveled to Wan Fang Hospital in Taiwan where Dr. Lin and his team warmly welcomed them and immediately began to perform diagnostic tests to verify that he would be a candidate for the surgery. He was in excruciating pain and barely able to walk, so it was decided that the surgery would be performed the very next day.

Just two hours following the operation, Subuh was able to walk from the hospital to the hotel room where his family was staying. Now, nearly free from the pain, he was ready to leave Taiwan and return home just five days later. Subah’s hope that he would “one day walk without the help of a walking frame,” came true. With a spring in his step and gratitude in his heart, he bid Dr. Lin and his team a heartfelt goodbye—feeling grateful for his new lease on life.

*Patient name changed

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